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home1Whether you own a residential property or a commercial one, this much is certain: you need the lights to come on and the plumbing to work. Anything less isn't acceptable. That's where the experts at Dagsboro Electric & Plumbing come in.

Lights are pretty important. Whether it's in your home or in your business, you want a lighting solution that's pleasant to the eye and light on the wallet. Our team provides the finest electrical services within the Delmarva region. Need a new home wired? We've got it. Adding fans or smoke detectors to your home? Good idea - contact us.

And when it comes to plumbing? Everyone knows how important it is to have clean pipes. There's little that's more important than a building's foundation, but functioning pipes are close. Leaks, clogs and bursting pipes can damage your property and rapidly decrease its value. We're here to help keep that from happening - and to fix things when it does.

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